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Extracting Molex Sockets

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  • Extracting Molex Sockets

    I am trying to remove a Molex socket, but not having any luck. (This is the first time I have worked with Molex connectors before -- just getting started wiring my RV14A wings.) I have purchased several Molex extraction tools, including all the ones Stein sells, but none seem to free this thing. What is the trick to removing these without destroying them?

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    For this connector you will want to use our SAT-CPC extraction tool. First, this tool pushes over the pin and slides down until it compresses the two tabs on the pin. Next, this extraction tool has a plunger style handle which should be used to push the pin out of the housing once those tabs are compressed.

    Note; it can be a bit difficult to remove the pins from these connectors. It takes a good amount of force to get the extraction tool to slide all the way down to pinch those tabs.

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